Staff Information

Welcome to the Staff Information Directory.  Each member of our staff are grouped among their departments.  If you wish to contact a staff member please click on the email icon           next to their name.



David Weissberg, Interim Acting Principal   

email Mr. Weissberg

Margarita Rosa, Assistant Principal

email Ms. Rosa

Shanya Hunter-Freeman, Assistant Principal

email Ms. Hunter-Freeman

Dimian McKenzie, Assistant Principal

email Mr. Mckenzie

Andrew Gooden, Assistant Principal

email Mr. Gooden

Wendy Spector, Dean of Grades 6 - 8

email Ms. Spector

Maritza Santana, Dean of Grades 9 - 12

email Ms. Santana

Ricardo Pacheco, Business Manager

email Mr. Pacheco

Guidance Department:

Mohamed Kamara,

Guidance Counselor (6th grade)            

email Mr. Kamara

Liliana Mora,

Guidance Counselor (7th and 8th grade)            

email Ms. Mora

Rosanne Matos-Patiño,

Guidance Counselor (9th and 10th grade)   

email Ms. Matos

Kilssy Rodriguez,

Guidance Counselor (11th and 12th grade)


Nathaly Mejia,

Related Services Counselor (Grades 6-12)

email related services

Constance Boakye,

College and Career Advisor            

email Ms. Boakye

Kenneth Chiovaro,

School Based Support Team

email chiovaro

Bernice Cowan,

School Based Support Team

email Ms. Cowan

Monique Daniel,

School Based Support Team

email Ms. Daniel

Art and Music Department:

Beniel Santiago, Art Teacher

email mr. santiago

Christopher Parkman, Art Teacher 

email Mr. Parkman

Antonio Iandolo, Music Teacher

email Iandolo

English Department:

Alison Calamia, English Teacher

email ms calamia

Patricia Cortez, English Teacher

email ms cortez

Bridget Emsworth, English Teacher

email Ms. Emsworth

Ryan Espeut, English Teacher

email Ms. Espeut

Kimberly Gottesman, English Teacher


Dominique Isaac, English Teacher

email Isaac

Euselta Pickering, English Teacher

email Ms. Pickering

Nicole Price, English Teacher

email Ms. Price

Language Departments:

Juana DeLeon, ESL Teacher


Cristina Bonilla, ESL Teacher

email Ms. Bonilla

Maria Clemente, ESL Teacher

email clemente

Louisa Groguhe, ESL Teacher

email Ms Groguhe

Myrlange Guillaume, ESL Teacher

email Ms. guillaume

Eunkyoung Kim, ESL Teacher

email Ms. Kim

Joycelin Hernandez, ESL Teacher

email Hernandez

Norman Powell, ESL Teacher


Wendoly De la Rosa, Spanish Language Teacher


Peter Avellaneda-Mendez, Spanish Language Teacher      

email Mendez

Math Department:

Livia Delgado, Math Teacher


Agripny Gonzalez, Math Teacher


Jason Jakimer, Math Teacher


Lazare N’Guessan, Math Teacher


Alvin Prieto, Math Teacher


Nancy Philip, Math Teacher

email philip

Tommy Rios, Math Teacher

email rios

Maria Rivera, Math Teacher   


Physical Education Department:

Odaly Aponte, Physical Education Teacher

email aponte

Matthew Esses, Physical Education Teacher 

email esses

John Spadaccini, Physical Education & Health Teacher

email spadaccini

Ryan Wilson, Physical Education Teacher

email Mr. Wilson

Science Department:

Kostas Georgiadis, Science Teacher

email Geogiadis

Gerald Gleason, Science Teacher

email Glekas

Athanasios Glekas, Science Teacher

email gleason

Alex Kay, Science Teacher

email kay

Sheri Krausz, Science Teacher

email krausz

Jean Miller, Science Teacher

Email Ms. Miller

Anthony Parker, Science Teacher

email Mr. Parker

Kristen Young, Science Teacher

email Ms. Young

Social Studies Department:

Lovia Ansah, Social Studies Teacher

email  ansah

Arlene Davis, Social Studies Teacher

email Ms. Davis

Brian Livingston, Social Studies Teacher

email Mr. Livingston

Tanya Martinez, Social Studies Teacher

email Ms. Martinez

Michael Simmon, Social Studies Teacher

email mr. simmon

Scott Schaeffer, Social Studies Teacher

email Mr. Schaeffer

Walker Wilson, Social Studies Teacher 

email wilson

Special Education Department:

Jorge Cesin-Campusano, Special Education Teacher


Julie Connelly, Speech/Language Provider

email Ms. Connelly

Jarrod Ernst, Special Education Teacher

email Mr. Ernst

Soleil Feliz, Special Education Teacher

email Ms. Feliz

Gina Gentile, Speech/Language Provider

email ms. gentile

Sanje James, Special Education Teacher

email Ms. James

Stephanie Kindestin, Special Education Teacher

email Ms. Kindestin

Antoine Larosiliere, Special Education Teacher

email Mr. L

Jillian McKenna, Special Education Teacher

email Ms. McKenna

Camille McKinnon, Special Education Teacher

email Ms. Mckinnon

Jessica Miller, Special Education Teacher

email Ms. Miller

Jean Miller, Special Education Teacher

email Jean Miller

Lacretia Pendergrass, Special Education Teacher

email Pendergrass

Deokie Persaud, Special Education Teacher

email Ms. Persaud

Amneris Rasuk, Special Education Teacher

email Rasuk

Raylissa Rivera, Special Education Teacher  

email Ms. Rivera

Angelique Steinbach, Special Education Teacher  

email Steinbach

William Tresca, Special Education Teacher 

email Mr. Tresca

Shannon Wright, Special Education Teacher

email Ms. Wright

Technology Department:

Geraldine Fredericks, Technology and Business Teacher

email Ms. Fredericks

Marcia Hunter-Innis, Technology and Business Teacher


Beth Portocarrero, Computer Science Teacher

email Portocarrero

Tony Ramirez, Information Technology Specialist 

email mr. ramirez

William Tsang, Computer Science Teacher

email Mr. Tsang