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Cell Phone Policy


  • The Chancellor’s Regulations A-413 allows New York City Public School Students to bring their cellphones to school. It also states that schools must establish a school-based policy regarding the use, storage, confiscation, and return of such items on school property.

  • At IN-Tech Academy, we recognize that parents and scholars need the peace of mind that comes along with a child carrying a cell phone to and from school. IN-Tech Academy’s policy is that scholars are not allowed to use their cell phones in the school building. Scholars must turn off their phones before they enter the building. For this reason, we are requiring that your child's cell phone number be on file at IN-Tech. Additionally, cell phones for students in grades 6-8, will be collected at the beginning of the school day. ALL other electronic devices  (iPods, handheld games, and cameras, bluetooth connected devices) will not be allowed and will be confiscated. If, at any time, your child needs to contact you, or you need to contact your child, this may be done so through the main office.




Cell Phone Collection Procedure: GRADES 6 - 8

  • Each morning (at 8:20 am) during the first period, scholars must place their cell phones into a secured case that belongs to their class. The cases will be stored in a secured office until the last five minutes of the school day, whereupon the cases will be distributed.


Confiscation of Cell Phone and Retrieval

  • Scholars that do not adhere to the cell phone policy will have their cell phones confiscated by the school staff. Any cell phone that has been confiscated will require a parent meeting at which time the cell phone will be returned directly to the parent. A report will be filed, followed by disciplinary action.


Late Students

  • ALL scholars, grades 6-12, who are late to school, scanned after 8:20 a.m., will be required to hand in their cell
    phones upon arrival.
    Scholars will serve detention on the same day. Detention is held from 2:40-3:45 every day. At the end of detention, their cell phone will be returned to them. Scholars that do not adhere to the cell phone policy will require a parent meeting. A report will be filed, followed by disciplinary action.

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