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Attendance Policy

If your student will be late or absent please call the main office at

718-432-4300 ext.1034

If your student is/was absent, please submit your excuse (medical) notes to the main office via email to Ms. Cajigas: 




Attendance is a required, legal record. 

A student who is not in school for at least one class period must be marked absent, even if the absence is excused. Attendance records in the electronic system cannot be changed after the middle of July. However, attendance records may be amended by submitting a letter to the student's file.

  • IN-Tech uses PupilPath for parent/student communication. Some teachers use PupilPath to take period attendance and may message you through the App about lateness, absences, grades or anecdotal.

  • Families check attendance on report cards, ask the school for attendance records, or follow attendance on your NYC Schools account

  • IN-Tech will call homes each morning to notify families of a student’s absence



Every absence counts. Excused absences are still absences.
Schools can excuse absences when a student misses school for religious, medical or emergency reasons, but the excused absences is a legal part of the student's record. Excused absences may not count against a student for school awards or participation in school activities. The Public Schools Athletic League (PSAL) 90 percent attendance requirement does not count excused absences.



Schools must contact the student's family after every unexplained absence.

Schools will reach out to learn why students missed school and how to help. Parents must provide a reason for absences. Follow-up and new outreach is required after ten missed days in a row, and when students in pre-K through eighth grade miss any 20 days. Schools must have up-to-date phone numbers and addresses so they can reach families.

  • Families make sure your phone numbers on your NYC Schools account and on Blue Cards are correct.



Consequences for Absences or Lateness.
A student who arrives late to school is counted as present for the day (this may take a day to reflect on the records)

Being at school on time is important, but it is always better to come to school late than to miss the whole day. Schools may keep students who are late or cut class—or who leave early—out of school activities or communal lunchtime, but a late student cannot be kept out of class.

  • Families must pick up their student in the main office if they need to leave early

  • Consequences for a student who is late to school or cuts class will receive detention on the same day (MS 2:45 - 3:30/HS 3:35-4:20) 

  • A student who is marked present for the day but absent for a particular class is considered to have cut the class. Students must be in their assigned class unless a staff member has removed them for class for a specific reason (students should get documentation to support their class absence)

  • Attendance alone cannot prevent promotion or graduation, but attendance may affect grades.

  • Make sure to review the IN-Tech grading policy posted on our website

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