Ms. Innis

Ms. Marcia Hunter-Innis

Grade Level: Middle School and High School

Subject: Technology and English


Office Hours: TBA

Educational Background:

  • School District Leader Program, Manhattanville College
  • Masters Degree in Adolescent Education, Mercy College
  • Masters Degree in Human Resource Management, Mercy College

Professional Background:

  • High School English Teacher
  • Technology Education Teacher

In Ms. Hunter-Innis's own words...

I love flowers and I planted all that you can see in the picture above. A garden requires patience, nurturing, love of life, cooperation of nature - and the ability to get to the "root" of a problem by any means necessary. IN-Tech is my garden away from home. Each year, I get a new set of seeds and I do all I can to help each "seed" to mature; to find joy in an educational journey. Love your life - you get to go around only once!