Covid-19 Information Center

IN-Tech Academy and District Related Covid-19 News:

Steps IN-Tech Academy has taken to prevent or combat Covid-19 spread:

  • Parents should do a temperature check before the start of each school day. We will be doing random temperature checks upon entering the school

  • Masks must be worn in school and on school property at all times

  • Markers have been setup around school, with proper signage, to help maintain adequate social distancing

  • IN-Tech will provide masks upon entry to any student who needs one

  • Sanitizer dispensers have been installed around the building, in hallways and inside classrooms

  • IN-Tech will be conducting daily deep cleanings, according to DOE safety regulations, including sanitizing high volume surfaces throughout the day

  • Class sizes have been reduced to accommodate social distancing in classrooms

  • Middle School students will hold class only on the Middle School side of the building

  • High School students will hold class only on the High School side of the building

  • Lunches will be delivered to each room during the instructional lunch period

  • Students will wipe and sanitize their desk after class, before the next group of students comes in

  • A full time nurse will be staffed at IN-Tech to attend to any medical needs for our students, whether Covid related or otherwise

  • An isolation room will be staffed to have a separate place for students who feel sick or have Covid 19 related symptoms

  • Anyone in the isolation room will be monitored until they've been picked up by a parent or guardian

Common preventative measures for families:

  • Wash hands regularly, and for at least 20 seconds

  • Parents should do a symptom check with their children everyday before school (check for temperature, coughing, running nose)

  • Try not to touch your face when possible

  • Stay home if you do feel sick

  • Cover your mouth if you have to sneeze

  • Always wear your mask, especially on school grounds and traveling to school

  • Practice social distancing when possible (stay at least 6 feet apart)

  • Have children practice wearing masks when possible to help ease the transition 

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