About Us/Quienes Somos

IN-Tech Academy is an urban public school in the borough of the Bronx in New York City. We educate students in middle and high school, grades six through twelve. Our first high school graduating class was in June 2007. We are a young, developing high school. Our focus is to develop self-reliant learners who are prepared through technology and academic rigor to become productive and responsible citizens of their local and global communities. We offer courses for college credit, honors courses and Advanced Placement courses. We are committed to fostering a college preparatory culture for our middle and high school students, the majority of whom will be first generation college graduates. We have partnered with CBI (the College Bound Initiative), a trusted not-for-profit organization that places full-time college counselors in public high schools to work one-on-one with each student. CBI counselors combine intimate knowledge of our students and trusted connections with a diverse network of colleges, enabling us to identify and deliver optimal college placement and maximum financial aid. This commitment as well as our technology focus with programs such as Virtual Enterprise ensures that our scholars will be both college and career ready.